How to learn Russian quickly and easily on your own


How to learn Russian quickly and easily on your own

A new generation of the program СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal
Learn Russian more quickly than anyone else


How to learn Russian quickly and easily on your own
  • you wish to learn or need to learn the Russian language 
  • you need to reacquire your knowledge of the Russian language
  • you need to pass tests and exams in Russian
  • you need Russian for travelling and business trips
  • your career depends on your knowledge of the Russian language
  • your salary depends on your knowledge of the Russian language

But to acquire this you will need to:

- Sweat over course books and cram information
- Pass never-ending tests and exams
- Spend years on achieving results

Would you like to achieve this another way?

Would you like to learn Russian
                five times more quickly and
                                       five times cheaper than
                                                           on language courses?


The СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal program has been specially created to make learning the Russian language easy, simple and efficient. The self-study program СЛОВА БЕГОМ the Russian language is meant for adult users who need to acquire Russian on their own.

You may learn Russian with the СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal program regardless of your level of knowledge, either starting to learn it from the very beginning or reacquiring knowledge acquired many years ago, or to improve your skills.

Even though you don’t know Russian at all, thanks to the СЛОВА БЕГОМ program you will make fast progress starting at the elementary and intermediate level and aiming at the advanced level.

It is easy and convenient to learn a language with the СЛОВА БЕГОМ program. The “Virtual Teacher” unique assistant guides you step by step through every learning stage, it teaches you with ease and comprehensibly to understand a native’s speech and translate from Russian into your mother tongue and vice versa without making mistakes, it helps to correct mistakes, gives you the correct answers, and trains your spelling and pronunciation skills. What will I learn...str.gif


You learn effortlessly and you start speaking Russian from the very first lessons!

A group of specialists from different areas have helped to create and develop the СЛОВА БЕГОМ program. They are experienced language teachers, philologists, linguists, methodologists-psychologists, qualified translators and editors, sound recording specialists, highly qualified IT-specialists, professional speakers–language native speakers.

The value of СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal is a harmonic combination of scientifically proven modern technologies of intensive learning and experienced and proven traditional methods. There are sixteen highly effective tools in the program which are used by the best language teachers and world-leading language schools. These tools will help you to learn Russian on your own and quickly. Read more…str.gif

Consequently, at your disposal there are the best traditional and successfully proven methods and tools for comprehensive language learning. The combination of traditional methods and new scientific developments makes learning Russian easier, more simple and more rapid.

Due to these tools you will be able to:

Learn together with your family members or with your colleagues with one program. It is possible to learn with one program for five users due to its multi-user learning mode. The learning tracks are saved for every user.   

Cross the language gap. Studying in “Pronunciation Training”, you will be able to record your pronunciation, listen to it and compare it to a native speaker’s pronunciation. You can practice your pronunciation as long as you need until you achieve a pattern. Your confidence in your proper pronunciation will help you not only to cross the language gap but to eliminate its appearance. 

Learn to read phonetic transcription. Phonetic transcription is an important additional option within the program. You can listen to how words are pronounced and read their transcriptions. You will learn correct pronunciation and learn to read Russian fluently.

Learn spelling in Russian. The special  “Spelling Training” section will teach you to spell words and phrases correctly, improving your visual and motorial memory. You see your mistakes at the moment of writing; this function eliminates “incorrect memorising”. You learn to write correctly and do it much easier and faster.

Learn to comprehend spoken language. New features within СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal simulate “an immersion into a verbal environment”, and train your listening comprehension skills. (Click on the button  play2.gif to listen to an abstract from the conversation.)

Create your own dictionary of words and phrases. If you quickly need to acquire a new vocabulary on a particular topic, you can create your own dictionary and sound record words for it. It is a very useful option of the program, which is widely used by doctors and mariners for the quick acquisition of a specific terminology. Create a special dictionary for your children and they will learn Russian words quickly, easily and effectively without learning them by rote. 

Use extensive manuals on grammar and phonetics. The manuals contain the necessary information on grammar, the basic rules of speech, and examples and exercises on every topic. Taking into account the modern tendencies of language development, they contain up-to-date explanations of the transcription system of syllables and words. They help to achieve “classic pronunciation”. Special assignments to every topic will help you to understand the grammar section better and settle the knowledge you have acquired. 

Be flexible studying on different computers. At the request of many of our customers an option of learning tracks’ porting from one computer to another has been introduced into the program. Now you can study with СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal on any computer at work, at home or on your holidays. You don’t have to adjust your plans or interrupt the learning process. You will be studying with comfort, when and where you want to.

The multimedia set СЛОВА БЕГОМ means that the Russian language is available at three levels: SuperProfy, Profy and Standard.  Read more..str.gif

Each level allows you to start studying from the level of a complete beginner or to reacquire and improve your existing knowledge.

What are the advantages of a new generation of the СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal program?

It is well known that children acquire new knowledge much easier and more quickly. For a long time it was believed that learning a foreign language by an adult should be a long-lasting and effort-consuming process.

The main advantage of the СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal program is the possibility of learning Russian at any age. You can study in a comfortable environment, when and where it feels convenient: during breaks at work, on holiday or at home.

But this is not the only advantage of the program:

menu_bul.gifСЛОВА БЕГОМ is a set of vital tools for successful Russian language learning, including a unique authorial memo-methodology which allows both beginners and those who wish to improve their knowledge to learn the Russian language equally and effectively. 

menu_bul.gifYou will be able to start communicating in Russian from the very first lessons, due to a unique principle of learning methodology known as “from simple to more complex”. The program is effective and useful for self-studying and it can be used in lessons with your language teacher or on language courses.

menu_bul.gifThe СЛОВА БЕГОМ program will be a reliable assistant in language learning during the whole learning process. You can return to learning the Russian language after a break and reacquire your knowledge quickly with the program. 

menu_bul.gifThe purchase of the СЛОВА БЕГОМ program is especially beneficial for businesses, as it can be classed as a business activity and is accounted as reasonable expenses.

menu_bul.gifLearning the Russian language with this program is five times more money saving! Now up to five users can learn the language with the program, which is convenient for a family and beneficial for business.

menu_bul.gifThe СЛОВА БЕГОМ program is an economically beneficial purchase. Its cost equals 25-35 lessons on language courses, and learning effectiveness is double that. You buy only one program for the whole learning period, and you can study for as long as you need.

The СЛОВА БЕГОМ program saves you from tedious and tiresome cramming.

Learn Russian between five to ten times more quickly!

Russian Multimedia set СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal SuperProfy
Price 380 EUR

Multimedia set СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal Profy
Price 280 EUR

Russian Multimedia set СЛОВА БЕГОМ Universal Standard
Price 190 EUR


To order and pay for the СЛОВА БЕГОМ program the Russian language, click on the BUY/ ORDER button and fill in an application form by following the instructions. As soon as the money is transferred to the correct current account, we will send you a complete package within one working day: it contains the СЛОВА БЕГОМ the Russian language program, your individual code, a user manual, the warranty certificate and the invoice original. Worldwide delivery is free of charge.

How to learn Russian quickly and easily on your own

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